Hen Parties

Belly Dance dance workshops are fantastic activities

for girly Hen, or birthday parties,

they are wonderful ice breakers and suitable for all ladies of all ages and abilities. 

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Testimonial March 2010

"Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for coming along today to Jenny’s Hen Party. We had a tremendous time trying a few moves. Some of us far better than others!

Jenny looked amazing in your beautiful outfit!

We especially liked the dance with the sword. Spectacular!

With best wishes,

Catherine Pritchard"

In a relaxed environment I start by introducing myself and screening the clients, making sure all taking part are fit and well to dance that day. 

We then gently warm up and learn some simple dance technique, such and hips drops, figures of 8's, belly rolls and exotic arm moves.

After a break for refreshments, we put all our new skills together and lrean a simple,  Eastern routine. 

If requested I can dress the "Hen" up and film or photograph the group dancing, then I take the group through a stretching session, whilst the group are recovering from their excursions I perform one professional routines.  I leave some time at the end of the session for questions and more photos.

Please email Stephanie for more information.


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Hen Parties

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