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I have been a professional dancer and choreographer over 14 years. My initial training was in classical ballet and modern dance at The Arts Educational Schools, London; and I am happy to say I have enjoyed an exciting a varied career as a dancer and performer, taking me all over the world. I have both Turkish and British citizenship and a comprehensive understanding of Turkish Dance and culture. I also have studied, taught and performed other forms of Middle Eastern Dance both in Turkey, the UK and Egypt.

I teach regular belly dance classes in Cardiff and perform regularly and work as a choreographer on various projects. I have also qualified as a fitness and Pilates instructor.

As I prepared for the birth of my child I became increasingly interested in the links between Belly Dance, pregnancy and birth. I have worked extensively with Midwives and Health Professionals in this field - the product of which is my first DVD Bellydance 4 Bumps. There are great physical and emotional benefits to be gained for pregnant women in our culture through belly dance; it has been used as a preparation for pregnancy and birth in the Middle East since ancient times.

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Stephanie has worked extensively as a performer and choreographer in Musical Theatre, Bellydance, Burlesque and Bollywood styles.

She is available to choreograph individual or group pieces in most styles. 

Stephanie has worked for a wide range of clients over the years including choreographing Miss Universe Uk and Miss wales and prides herself in bringing a breadth of knowledge and experience to any job.

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